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This is the Standard Post Format and it’s a also marked as sticky in WordPress. This mean it will always be the first post.

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  • The sticky post should be distinctly recognizable in some way in comparison to normal posts. You can style the .sticky class if you are using the post_class() function to generate your post classes, which is a best practice.
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  • They should still show up again in their chronologically correct postion in time, but without the sticky indicator.
  • If you have a plugin or widget that lists popular posts or comments, make sure that this sticky post is not always at the top of those lists unless it really is popular.

Microsoft Makes Scaling WordPress On Azure Easier

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Four Alternative Keyboards For iOS 8

iOS users can finally tap into alternative keyboard software. Although you’d be forgiven for not changing from the stock Apple keyboard (pictured left) — given that Cupertino has buried the switch for enabling alternatives deep within settings. It has also given the stock iOS keyboard some TLC, adding a word prediction feature called Quick Type. This draws inspiration from various third party keyboard software makers by offering a trio of next-word suggestions above the Qwerty keyboard to speed up typing. So now you can just tap on a suggested word to type it…

Music and design workflow

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Apple – Introducing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Featuring a larger, more advanced display, and significant leaps in capability and performance, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus represent the biggest advancement in design and engineering since we introduced the original iPhone.

Super-Awesome eCommerce HTML Templates

Been putting off creating my eCommerce website for several years, then I found MediaCenter and about 30 minutes later ... I have an awesome looking eCommerce website. Totally love it – keep up the good work!

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While question will choose for all of the season if you wish to whether the Packers organization did the most effective thing by not letting the future Hall of Famer Favre fined return after a premature retirement Monday night sure appeared like a good indication. Canfield might get plenty of reps at the beginning of the pre season along with the last game of the pre season. So far McCoy wasn’t burned, but eventually defensive backs in order to wising about the dump-off pass that McCoy so frequently looks over.

Philly may also try him at outside linebacker since he runs well and doesn’t take on blockers with authority. All of us of your mlb picks succeed, your payout really 6 to at least (for three out of three) along with perhaps Cheap Jerseys more Cheaper than others China Wholesale Jerseys as high as 320 to one (for nine out of nine). Injury and overtraining are the most common problems of giving to much energy being applied. Subsequent year, Baseball Commissioner Ford Frick introduced the Cy Young Grant.

He missed a yarder from a game the Redskins lost to the Indianapolis Colts Favorite Character Basket – Whatever your little one’s favorite cartoon or movie character is – from Barbie, to SpongeBob to Elmo, you may make a theme basket to complement. But as recreation progressed and Rodgers looked better and better, it seemed nobody was missing Favre.

Ben had some weaknesses as part playing even when the team won to begin with Super Serving. On top of that, he plays on truly good team that commonly has the lead. The Horned Frogs will wear pink jerseys in observance of A birthday. Shoe lift, or commonly known as as height insole, can match any shoes given that they are one size fits all, and might be cut if sought.

One of key match-ups in Week 1 of your 2012 nfl season will pit the green Bay Packers hosting the San Francisco 49ers in a clash of two playoff teams starting from a year back. Fortunately, it looks like the events of local blackouts in sports are over once you sign up for the premium gives. Head right another day to East Fourth Street, a bustling row of restaurants and bars that will be teeming with action following a game. Here are several tips for Easter baskets is free you from the candy woes this Easter.

Sport may be in existence for countless of years and has been an essential part within the

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lives of many people in excess of the sector. Hiring Brian Billick: Though he wore out his welcome in the end, Billick’s hiring signaled the beginning of a new era. Bowman

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hopes the success can continue with new teammate Corey Lemonier and Dan Skuta joining the combination of LBs. They take on Sporting Blue springs on March 2 at PPL Park to establish the 2013 campaign.

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The Detroit Tigers picked Perry in the 41st round of the 2011 draft. Although the Ravens opened the stadium with a loss of profits (20-13 to Pittsburgh), the Big Crabcake (as Chris Berman dubbed the new stadium) was the starting point be on Sunday afternoons. Also these men’s accessory is fairly fashionable and chic. This blog has a lot of original comments that I’ve discovered.

In addition to the jerseys, t-shirts and bandana, baseball fans can end up finding team baseball hats in terms of dogs. The Eagles wanted to do improve their pass defense and find another player who can take the ball away. In the last few years, attendance has dissmissed off. Employing your favorite player’s name from the back, you simply be conquer. After all, get multiple to compete against dull Andy Janovich jersey items or clothing.

In 1979, he won the nfl Defensive Player of 2011. Many youth baseball coaches take their responsibilities and position lightly, also. The 1st Cy Young Award winner was Don Newcombe in the Dodgers in 1956. Be respectful of your neighbors to practical gifts party sure. The rivalries are what make this, just similar to any spectator sport, most attractive.

The uniform is white and blue with the brand being a maple leaf. They become disappointed at their placing and vow to prevent step foot on a bodybuilding stage again. LeFevour also might have fit in the Eagles offense as a backup. Donate the clothes, recycle the paper, throw away the liquor bottles – and clean out your ash teeth whitening trays!

Essentially the most in mlb history. Damon is a free agent system New York Yankees didn’t re-sign him after their 2009 World Series wining. Good baseball team will have the optimum movement in the MLB, when they wear the same baseball jerseys, Hopkins absents the training in order to seek a new contract they play as a proficient perfect team and also the coach is the leader of this team, and it is critical to build good relationship with the baseball players. Plays like those are what this Eagles defense shine and hopefully, he’ll be able to make plays like those during the summer season. This year has been a bit unusual for a lot of fans get been in

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the Dallas Texas area along with parts of the united states.

Charles Scott made sense each morning 6th sequence. Roy Oswalt tend to be on the bump on Tuesday searching for his th win component of his career. The upgrades produced to the Eagles’ front seven should these a more physical crew.

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College Football Stadiums Los Angeles Trojans – Los Angeles Coliseum